Best Live Casinos Online for Aussie

Australians have shown themselves as one of the largest gambling fan nation. They spend huge sums of money for casinos and make enormous stakes. Maybe it happens so because it is completely legal in their country. Anyhow, the variety of games there is so big that it could be difficult to try all of them.

Nevertheless, we’ll attempt to classify them. In the table below you’ll discover the top betting houses with live mode available and the info you need about them. Moreover, you can check online casino list and pick out the most suitable one.

Casino in Action

Live gambling institutions have their unique features regarding to traditional ones. That’s why it can be cognitive for a typical customer to know what is different here. Or maybe you know it already?

Live Streamed Video

Casino It is a pretty interesting version because it precisely projects the environment where gamers find themselves as if they were in a real casino. The only distinction is that you can sit at your computer in underwear and it will be ok!

Starting a live entertainment make certain that your internet connection is excellent, elseways you won’t get the best emotions from the amusement of such a kind. While choosing, take into considerations such factors:

  • game assortment – the bigger a choice, the more interest you have;
  • video quality – HD provides its watchers with pleasure and joy
  • friendliness and helpfulness of croupiers – you won’t play with a scratch-cat, will you?

Real Dealer

In live casino you have to handle with a real dealer. It’s a person who stays in some room of a brick-and-mortar gambling house or in a specially equipped apartment in front of a web camera and accomplishes his/her usual job – helps you win or lose 😉

Everything happens at the moment. The assignments of this human are to greet you at the first moment of your appearance, keep the game and aid you in everything. Some casino websites engage for this post only young beautiful ladies to detain men in front of the screen too long. And this method is very effective, by the way!

Live Chat

Such games require a real conversation between its participants. But a player doesn’t have a lucky chance to speak, that’s why he communicates with his challengers or a dealer by the use of a chat. So, he always can question somebody in the case of misunderstanding or share his emotions.

There is a chat window on every live casino site where the gamers can type their messages. If the info is aimed at the croupier, he reads it and then answers verbally to the camera.

General Play Tables vs Dedicated Tables

The gaming entertainment can be coordinated in two ways. Both of them are extremely popular among Australian users. Let us examine them. Playing games Sometimes the casinos that afford their live versions combine their tables and dealers in one room. That method is called General Play Tables.

Some customers prefer this way because they like to observe other gambling tables. But under these circumstances, they don’t have a possibility to chat with each other. Only the croupier can read their messages and respond to them.

The rest of the staking saloons vise versa dispose only their individual Dedicated Tables in one place in order not to deal with their competitors. The profit of this version is that very often such casinos organize some promotions for their visitors and it can be profitable for those who win. It is created to attract more new customers to their service.

Live Casino Games

  1. Roulette – There are two most typical kinds of it: European and French one. When you click the game, you’ll be carried to its table with a real roulette and a casino employee. After that you can play as usual, but using your PC and computer mouse. Sometimes it is probable to run roulette at several tables simultaneously.
  2. Blackjack – It can be available in a classical way when a dealer rounds the cards separately or when the croupier deals with many gamblers. You can turn the cameras or switch the foreshortening for pleasure.
  3. Baccarat – The most preferred game is Punto Banco for a single- or multiple-seat table. It suggests large bonuses for new players which they can spend only at the baccarat tables.
  4. 3 Card Poker – This kind of poker isn’t widely used online. Nevertheless, it’s advantages are big bonuses for the beginners and nice interface. The rules are the same: you and a dealer get three cards, the winner is whose cards are better.
  5. Sicbo – It is a Chinese game originally. It is accomplished by means of three dice. At first, you should make stakes, then a dealer shakes dice in a special glass and declares the winning combination. Very easy and interesting to play either traditionally or online.
  6. Hold’Em – The rules remain the same. The croupier rounds the cards while you make your AUD bets by the use of your computer mouse and an appropriate icon. You can get the results faster because everything is automatically counted.

Live Casino FAQ

It is complicated to cover all the points because the gambling business is constantly developing and spreading out. The most commonly asked questions concerning its live versions are given below.

How to Get a Live?

To start such version you need only your computer and a perfect Internet access. Then just visit your favorite casino website and click Play Live. Some sites require signing up. After that pick up a game and start it!

Can I Play via Mobile?

Of course! Many casinos have special mobile apps for you to use on a phone or tablet. But make certain that the Internet or Wi-Fi connection is solid enough. Nobody wants to stop the game at the most interesting moment.

Can I Play 24/7?

All the entertainments are available 24/7. It’s very convenient for people in the whole world because the time is not the same in distant parts of the Earth. That’s why it should always be accessible for not to lose the visitors.

Can I Play Online Live Casinos for Free?

It’s a pity, but you can’t play with a croupier for free. In some cases diverse gambling houses can give you the opportunity just to try their online games for fun. So-called demo mode is available for slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, video poker and other entertainments from the collection only.