The Latest Android Casinos for in Australia

The popular online casino always has a big number of players at the tables, feeling of competition in the air, and jackpots growing with a great speed. The selection of a popular online house proven by time is a wise decision for gamblers. That is a unique choice of games, excellent software, and huge prizes. This article looks at the most popular gaming services for Android devices in Australia.

Android Software

Android is a highly popular platform that serves for our mobile helpers. The rapid growth of various applications specifically developed for it is observed. These days it has already covered the sphere of online gambling and developers put all strength to create quality apps for Android devices. According to statistics, every third person in the world wants to play online games at casino directly from mobile phone with less time and more comfort. Thus, every well-respected online establishment gives their users opportunity to enjoy their products not only from computers but also handy devices.

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is its free usage. Secondly, it is fast, multifunctional and powerful. Android Software works well on any, even low-budget types. Such devices are affordable by all the layers of society.

The Android platform witnesses quite a quick improvement due to the open code in system which can be edited by its users. The latest graphics innovations are supported by the operating structure, so that mobile versions of casino games become intriguing, evolving and amusing.


The Android Software development has a history of more than 7 years. Since the creation of the very first version in September 2008, there were 40 updates. Those were usually related to bug fixes and adding new functional elements to the system. Originally Google planned to give the names of famous versions of Android robots, but the idea was denied due to the copyright problems. Thus, each edition of the system starting from variant 1.5 has been receiving its own code name related to sweets. These names are assigned in alphabetical order of the Latin symbols.

Starting with version 3.1, an update is released every 6 months. At Google I / O 2015 conference a new edition of the Android OS, codenamed “M”, which is currently available to developers was exhibited. So far 12 versions of the system were released.

Among the major aspects of this kind is the possibility to get verified while doing mobile payment with fingerprints check at Android Pay. An authorized purchases on Google Play and the unlock system will appear on mobile devices that have fingerprint scanner.

Devices and Options

The developers of Android Software make a huge progress in the establishment of the friend that would fit all our needs. The chain of phones and tablets are specifically designed both to solve our daily problems and help enjoying every moment of their usage. Home screen, quick apps opening, personalised menu tailor by the owner, weather forecast, useful notifications, latest news, personal voice secretary and many other features cannot simply leave anyone indifferent. Needless to mention the magic box of Google Play that provides with all the necessary apps for work and entertainment. It allows anyone to download easily and install all the latest editions of casino games running smoothly.

Android Versions and Online Casino

The growth of Android Software not only changed the people’s attitude to mobile devices, but also the behavior of entertainment life. Even though Play Market was already available from its first release, the functions were totally different from what we have these days. People used to install apps to play in a free time and now they do so right at the sites. Taking into account the latest data, it is clear that the percentage of Android devices users is split into following categories: Froyo – 0.1 %. Gingerbread – 2.2 %, Ice Cream Sandwich – 2.0 %, Jelly Bean 7.2-10.0 %, KitKat – 32,5 %, Loollipop – 16,2-19,4 % and Marshmallow – 7.5 % with the growing index. It is worth to mention that html format was supported at 2.0 version already in October 2009, however it was quite hard to enjoy gaming online without the actual installation of the application. Modern day version of Marshmallow gives the opportunity not only to play favourite casino games, but also its mobile site versions.

App or Mobile Site Play?

Online casino on mobile phone is a real find for venturous people. And first of all, it is because of constant connection with the treasured gambling houses at any place and time. Needless to say, that the process of playing games does not differ much from what you used to see while being on the computer. You can choose any game to you taste out of the offered ones and enjoy equally. Site interface is usually simple and straightforward for the users of mobile devices. So, the visitor can get everything he wants easier and more comfortable without additional requirements.

Developers also have made a huge step forward and created mobile apps to stay always connected with their users. It gives the possibility to interact with everyone straightforward and so a player can always get notified on the things he interested in or the additional bonuses he might receive. On the contrary, mobile site provides with the latest news only at the moment of loading it. High-quality interface is another reason for gamblers to download the app. Once you choose a game at casino on Android, be sure to see stunning graphics, and enjoy its excellent work. All the control elements are easy to be pressed with one’s finger instead of the mouse click. Thus, it also gives a feeling of personalisation when gambler can store all the data and change the interface depending on his needs. Lastly, mobile devices are personal ones. They know a lot about the owner, and use this information to increase the level of provided service.

Real Cash or Free Money Play?

For many freshmen the question of using real money is in first place. Undoubtedly, the level of trust increases with the respect and demand for gambling houses. And so, they give the opportunity for their visitors to check their games with online money and bonuses provided right after the registration. Free money play casinos may serve as a great basement to try out different strategies and develop your own, see how the system works and finally decide whether it is a right place for you. In the end, you will be ready to enjoy the moment of victory with real money to the fullest. Winning cash gives much more excitement than free play version with no doubt. Modern casinos guarantee its customers honesty and allow betting by different currencies. For the payment of winnings, online houses also provide all of the most used electronic financial systems.

Bonus Policy and Hot Promotions for Android Players

Most mobile casino usually offers all sorts of bonuses to attract users. Bonus casino is not the same as loan one may take before starting online journey. This is real money transferred to the player’s account. The first thing a beginner faces with is the offer of welcome bonus for the registration. It is usually used to invite more visitors to discover the features of establishment. Taking into account that such type can be used only once gives more adrenaline to spend it rationally and with pleasure.
Another good bonus is a match one. It is quite popular kind of promotion for the deposit made by the player. Usually its amount correlates with the sum of money put online at first.

Free money bonus allows experiencing such casinos without a deposit. Thus, a player can check gambling house without risking his own money. At some places it is given before the first deposit is made. In most cases there are two kinds of such reward – no deposit and free spins. The first one is preferred by many participants because they can test and even earn money with games at gambling house, the latter is often launched when a new game is created and developers need to test it.

However, it is proposed to carefully examine the conditions of bonus. All peculiarities can be specified in the customer support of online mobile casino.

Variety of Games

Online casino for Android devices today is a collection of gambling that may attract attention of even the most experienced players. Modern devices have access to a full range of online house entertainment – variety of slots, keno, roulette and card games.

Slots are so popular due to the progressive jackpots. The latter is formed with payments to the pool of prizes. All players need is to make the best match of marks to hit the winnings.

Online house provides with almost all kinds of roulette which is often better than in real gambling house. European, American and French are main kinds that suit to the taste of each player.<\p>

Today, card games so favoured in the casino are presented with the dozens of options from poker to blackjack and baccarat. The only problem is that sometimes cards may be very small and so lose their attractiveness. It is interested to mention that the popularity of those depends on the geographical region of the world.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When you dive into the world of online casino on Android devices the issue of making deposit and then withdrawing of money may arise at first. With the support of your device you can easily make a transaction via credit cards, phone bill, e-wallets and bank wire.

With bank wire money goes directly to your bank account. One may refer to credit account number so the result will be similar to the return to credit card. In fact, the usage of this card is rather convenient in comparison with bank wire. Bank transfer usually requires a week for a process, it has high costs and the winning money does not possess the same value as during credit system. Many casinos take from 10 to 50 dollars for the transfer, although there are free options. So, it became more convenient to deposit and withdraw money via credit cards and e-wallets.